News from the Future: BauernPost

The platform “Wir haben es satt” (“We’re fed up!”) distributed thousands of copies of their magazine BauernPost (“Farmers’ Post”) at the winter conference of Austrian agriculture in 2016, 2017 and 2018. It is a newspaper project conjuring up a supposed agricultural utopia and bringing news from the future on a successful agricultural transition starting in 2016.

Readers might be baffled by headlines like “EU commission for competition deflects Bayer-Monsanto deal”, “Priority change in Sierra Leone: from land grabbing to ecological agriculture” and “A quarter of a million! Number of new farms still growing”. The date of the newspaper clearly states that these are news from the future, BauernPost being five years ahead in time.

The BauernPost newspaper describes a future of agriculture which is not only possible, but clearly necessary.

BauernPost (2020)

BauernPost (2021)

Bauernpost (2022)

“We’re fed up!” is a platform for multiple organisations related to farming, environment, economy, and development policy. We fight for a worldwide agroecological agriculture and a socially responsible food system. We oppose an agricultural system that is solely oriented towards growth and export, and we demand an agricultural policy which is based on food sovereignty, human rights, and protection of and fair access to natural resources. The “We’re fed up!” platform is supported by the following organisations: ÖBV-Via Campesina Austria, IG-Milch, FIAN Austria, Südwind, Attac, Welthaus Graz, GLOBAL 2000, Greenpeace, Grüne Bauern und Bäuerinnen (farmers of the Austrian Green Party).