Foto: Ernst Zerche

A World Game: WeltSpiel

We usually find it hard to picture the meaning of very large numbers. Our WeltSpiel (“world game”) makes it possible to illustrate – in a simplified form – how the world population is spread across the individual continents and world regions, and how unfairly world income is distributed. This allows the players to literally “grasp” the issues.

Together, participants in the WeltSpiel game work to create a depiction of our planet that shows how the population is spread across it and how unfairly wealth and goods are distributed. The game points out unfair economic processes and the impoverishment of many people. Players will become curious and interested in the links between local and global developments. Various world views are laid out and questions arise, such as: Where did I get my idea about how people are spread across the globe? Which images, interests and fears are at the roots of this idea? Could I change these images? Through discussion and reflection on various arguments, the players work together to try and find a solution.

The WeltSpiel is very well suited for use in a school class or in workshops with adults. It can also be the starting point for addressing other issues such as food trade and climate change. Duration of the game: about 20 minutes. Appropriate for players aged 12 or older. Number of players: five or more players, one game master.