Digital scavenger hunt „The schnitzel on the track!“

(available with the “Actionbound” App)

As of now, the digital scavenger hunt called “The Schnitzel is on the track!” is available for Download. Invites you to a discovery tour through the old town of Graz and teaches by means of puzzles, questions and interesting facts around the topic meat consumption.

Equipped with the own Smartphone, this new offer allows you to go together with the truffle pig Ferdinand on a tour across Graz. A combination of riddles that have to be solved on the phone, and the locating of buildings and places, in connection with the subject of meat, allows for a “moving” engagement due to the global topic of meat consumption. You’ll not only learn interesting facts about the eating habits of Austrians and domestic agriculture, but also, what this has to do with our Schnitzel, with Brazilian small-scale farmers, or with climate change.

The lighting of the subject in terms of the different aspects that should be Thought-provoking and, ultimately, the invitation to a more conscious dealing with the food of meat.

Duration: approximately 45 minutes

Target group: young people from 15 years and adults, also for school classes as a Workshop package


  1. Installation of the App “action bound” on the Smartphone (via the Play Store or under
  2. Scanning the Barcodes on this site
  3. And get started! Have Fun!