Film Premieres

What started out with the first screening of the (later Oscar nominated) film “Darwin’s Nightmare” in 2005, has since become an integral part of the Welthaus event programme: film premieres in co-operation with cinemas in Graz, invariably accompanied by discussions with film directors and Welthaus experts.

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Soy – the incarnate madness

Film and accompanying material

In Austria we consume per capita more than 60 kilos of meat each year. The high level of global meat consumption has serious consequences: the feed of beef, pork, poultry & Co takes up two-thirds of all fertile land worldwide. The EU imports a large part of soy from other parts of the world.

What this means for origin countries, such as Brazil, Thomas Bauer shows in his movie. He visits small farmers who have lost their land because of the huge GM soy plantations and talks to indigenous peoples who suffer from the effects of large-scale sprayed pesticides. A doctor and a public prosecutor speak up, who stand up against all odds for the victims. But even here in Austria, very few farmers benefit from an agricultural system that requires them to produce more as cheap as possible.

The visit to the farm of an organic farmer in Upper Austria shows that things could be different. In impressive pictures, the film spans a global arc from Brazil to Austria and stimulates reflection on the current economic system.