Radio AGEZ


“Radio AGEZ – das entwicklungspolitische Magazin” (“Radio AGEZ – the development policy journal”) is a collectively produced show broadcasted every two weeks. It addresses the issues of worldwide fairness, enforcement of human rights and the fundamental bases of a future shaped by good quality of life. The aim of the programme is to raise public awareness of global developments and development co-operation, and to encourage differentiated discussion of globalisation. Listeners hear about specific paths towards a sustainable and united society, and are inspired to contribute to Styrian development policy projects. Radio AGEZ is aired mostly on Radio Helsinki, an independent radio station based in Graz.

The working group for development co-operation in Styria, AGEZ (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Entwicklungszusammenarbeit Steiermark), was founded in 1996 and is a community of eleven organisations and associations working in the field of development policy in Styria: the Afro-Asian Institute Graz (AAI), Caritas Styria – Auslandshilfe (international assistance), Dreikönigsaktion der Katholischen Jungschar Steiermark (catholic carol singers’ initiative in Styria), Grazer Büro für Frieden und Entwicklung (Graz office for peace and development), Aktion Familienfasttag der Katholischen Frauenbewegung Steiermark (initiative for family fast days by the catholic women’s initiative in Styria), Climate Alliance Styria, MISSIO Styria, SEI SO FREI – Katholische Männerbewegung Steiermark (catholic men’s initiative in Styria), Südwind Styria, Welthaus Graz and fair trade shop Weltladen Reitschulgasse.

Guiding principles:

  • Development policy issues and global contexts should be addressed frequently by the media.
  • The content of our programme is illustrated in a fascinating and easily understandable way through presentation of specific examples and first-hand information.
  • We paint a differentiated picture of development countries: development co-operation project partners are viewed as active players.
  • Radio AGEZ counters the superficial news coverage by mass media.
  • We show ways in which it is possible to act and we encourage listeners to take the initiative themselves and accept responsibility to contribute to our world society.
  • By using the medium of the radio, we get broader access to the public.

The AGEZ aims at contributing to development policy discussions in Styria. We want to raise awareness of relevant global issues by targeted work in education, the media and public relations. Some of our member organisations also work in development co-operation projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern/Southeast Europe, partly funded by Fair Styria, in order to contribute to a socially fairer and ecologically more sustainable world.