Ernst Zerche

Training in Global Learning

How can we teach our children about global challenges in an appropriate way? How can we ourselves find our way in an increasingly complex and fast-paced world?

These questions, as well as topics, methods and values of global learning, are the focus of the 3-term training course Global Learning – Pedagogy for Global Citizens, organised in co-operation with the Catholic University College for Education Graz (KPH) and Südwind Styria. This evening and weekend training course aims to show participants how a sustainable global society could work, a society where resources are managed carefully, human rights are respected and cultural diversity is viewed as a unique opportunity.

We make sure that theory and practice are looked into in equal measure by

  • addressing key issues of our present based on students’ everyday life environment
  • comprehensively discussing global issues with national and international experts in theory and practice
  • testing and reflecting on teaching material, methods and exercises
  • excursions and study trips