Fair Life – Less Meat

Liddy Hansdottir Fotolia.com

The Styrian initiative “Fair Life – Less Meat” (“Gerecht leben – Fleisch fasten”) started in 2012 and was co-initiated by Welthaus. Numerous institutions of the Catholic Church in Styria invite people to abstain, to a large extent, from eating meat during Lent. The initiative aims at encouraging people to test alternatives to high volume meat consumption and thus contribute to more social justice, their own health and the protection of animals and the environment.

In Austria, we consume about 65 kilograms of meat per person and year. However, we do not have enough farmland to grow the necessary food for the animals – the majority of their food has to be imported from countries like Brazil and Argentina. And not only the environment and people in far-away places suffer the consequences of our current meat consumption. Austrian farmers, too, are under a lot of pressure: low market prices for meat and fierce competition force more and more farmers to give up production. We can put a stop to this unfair system and foster sustainable farming with fair pay. This is what the initiative “Fair Life – Less Meat” aims to do.